9 August 2017

$5 million to push Australian innovations towards commercial reality

A process to convert waste plastics into fuel and chemicals, a fashion fitting solution for online shoppers and a new energy storage system are among eight Australian innovations to share in $5 million to help them become commercial reality.

The assistance under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Accelerating Commercialisation element will help turn the business’ good ideas into marketable products through market trials, upscaling, proving new technology, and connecting with markets.

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28 July 2017

Quarterly Update: July 2017

There has been an extraordinary amount of activity over the last quarter and below we highlight key developments and Executive Chairman Dr Kevin Moriarty provides his review.



  • New project sites with significant advantages, including lower cost
  • Regulatory changes are creating strong interest in 1414 Degrees TESS from Australia and Asia
  • IPO postponed to accommodate significant project proposals

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12 June 2017

Our thoughts on the Finkel Review

The much anticipated Finkel Review ( Independent Review into the Future Security of the Australian National Electricity Market by Dr Alan Finkel) was released on Friday 9 June 2017.

The report highlights that storage will play a significant role in reliability and security. Our thermal energy storage system (TESS) is incredibly relevant and provides an answer to many of the current challenges as highlighted below. These are Dr Kevin Moriarty’s key thoughts after reading the report.

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What is 1414 Degrees?

1414 Degrees clean storage is set to reduce energy costs by increasing the efficiency of renewable generation
and stabilising grid supply.


a patented thermal energy storage system (TESS) storing energy as latent heat in molten silicon


sizing of systems from 10 to 100’s of megawatt hours for grid, off-grid and co-generation sites


low maintenance, low cost and low impact compared to lithium-ion batteries


energy is stored as latent heat at 1414° C providing maximum efficiency of energy output


the use of abundantly available silicon ensures its sustainability and its affordability


low environmental impact with no emissions and no combustion

Grid and off-grid

each system stores several hundred megawatt hours suitable for grid, off-grid and co-generation installations


wide range of uses in district heating, industrial complexes and shopping centres as well as grids

1414 Degrees aims to fill the critical gap
in energy storage technologies.

Why are we innovating?

Energy is a resource that should be available to all, at all times. 1414 Degrees strives to make this a reality.

We are facing a pivotal moment in the local and global energy market, with soaring prices, instability, and harmful emissions. Our energy storage technology presents an opportunity to disrupt the energy market by providing a highly efficient, safe, scalable, and low emission solution. The use of readily available silicon rocks ensures its sustainability and its affordability.

We see the exponential growth opportunities and know we can impact change.

The simple reason: to make energy available, cheaper and cleaner.

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Bill Gates recently wrote in a blog "Accelerating Innovation with leadership" about the transformative innovations our leaders should be focused on. The first of four objectives was "Provide everyone on earth with affordable energy without contributing to climate change". Click through to read full blog.

1414 Degrees has developed a scalable, clean energy solution to drive this objective.

Where is it at?

The prototype for 1414 Degrees has been built in the Tonsley Park Innovation Precinct, South Australia with assistance from AusIndustry.

The next stage is the design and installation of optimised commercial modules at demonstrator sites. In parallel with the installations, research and development (R&D) work will continue on new technology for the thermal storage device aimed at achieving at least 50% cost reduction for materials.

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Our goal is to be the main supplier of large scale energy storage.

A solution for networks from grid scale to urban developments.

How is it funded?

Over the past 10 years, 1414 Degrees has invested over $3M with the assistance of AusIndustry grants. For five years it has funded research by the University of Adelaide engineering faculty into silicon energy capture and recovery, and employed several graduates to design and build the first commercial prototype.

Government and industrial companies are supporting the development with funding or in kind contributions. For example, Schneider Electric have supplied the control circuitry and refractory manufacturers have offered to supply the high temperature containment materials. The South Australian government has supported the prototype development in its Tonsley Park Innovation precinct.

1414 Degrees is planning a future IPO.

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There is a strong revenue outlook based on increasing share of energy flows as renewable utilisation rises.

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