7 December 2016

Solving SA’s power problem

Tens of thousands of South Australian homes and businesses have been repeatedly left without power because of the unique ecosytem of the SA power market and its unstable mix of power resources.

The answer to these problems may be closer than you think. Local Adelaide company, 1414 Degrees, has found a solution to the energy crisis with plans to revolutionise bulk energy storage using silicon.

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17 November 2016

Off-grid solar proving beneficial for northern Rwanda

Off-grid solar providing electricity at night for northern Rwanda; the potential for further benefits is huge.

“Just a few years ago the idea that “off-grid” systems could fill the gap seemed preposterous: the market was dominated by charities giving away solar-powered lanterns that could produce a few hours of light at night. But as technology and venture capital firms have entered the market, the industry has quickly evolved.”

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15 November 2016

The need for large scale storage

The Liberal party says there is a need for large scale storage for the transition to renewable energy to work.

Read the article here from InDaily – click to view.

SA heading for 95% renewable energy within a decade: report

10 November 2016

1414 Degrees ready to play a part in Adelaide’s path to carbon neutrality

Yesterday (9/11/16) the State Government and the Adelaide City Council unveiled a plan to make Adelaide a carbon neutral city by 2025.

1414 Degrees chairman Dr Kevin Moriarty welcomes this plan but emphasises that grid storage is imperative to achieve this.

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