Investor Profile


In 2016, with a keen eye on growth markets – and driven by a commitment to protecting the environment – Anne became one of the first investors to inject seed capital into 1414 Degrees.

Alongside her husband, also a sophisticated investor, Anne had long been researching the company and mapping the development of its Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) technology.

Founded in 2009, 1414 Degrees was originally known as Latent Heat Storage. Its TESS technology arose out of initial investigations by the CSIRO, and a visionary group of private investors subsequently contributed more than $2 million across five years to enable further research and development by high temperature engineering consultancy, ammjohn.

It was at this stage – following a substantial revision of the TESS design, and commissioning of a working prototype development co-funded by AusIndustry – that Anne’s interest was piqued.

“I first became interested some years prior to investing, when I came across information about the company, the technology they were attempting to apply to storage, the material they wanted to use, and the cost advantage that had,” said Anne. “That was way back in 2013 or 2014.”

“I contacted ammjohn and expressed an interest to invest – however at that time, it was not possible. In October 2016, 1414 Degrees contacted us and made the offer of seed capital investment, which we took up. I believe we were among the company’s first serious investors.”

With a moderate appetite for risk and a desire for wealth accumulation, 56 year-old Anne and her husband regularly undertake research and due diligence on businesses across a range of sectors, a strategy which has assisted them to build a diversified share portfolio.

The couple looked into 1414 Degrees after reading about the innovative solutions the company had developed for use by individual businesses and in large scale projects, and they were keen to learn more about the wide ranging applications of silicon storage and heat generation technology.

“For direct investment in companies that are not yet on the stock market, we have focused on renewable energy and storage technology. We feel that is a sector that has good potential,” said Anne. “In addition, we are environmentally responsible people and want to do what we can to protect the environment by supporting innovation in this sector.”

1414 Degrees has a bright future. Low cost storage for renewable energy producers is an emerging market and, for that reason, there is huge potential for growth.

“Their technology converts intermittent renewable energy into reliable despatchable power, and meets the critical need of the economy to address climate change with reliable, clean energy while decarbonising the energy sector.

“The potential is not limited to Australia. If this technology can be rolled out in a cost effective manner, the demand is global, and therefore there is potentially enormous upside for the company.”