Investor Profile


It was a passion for change, coupled with his desire to see the successful development of boundary pushing technologies, which led Graham to invest in energy innovator 1414 Degrees.

After retiring a decade ago following a successful 40-year business career, Graham set up relationships with younger members of the stockbroking and capital raising industry, harnessing their insight and relationships to assist him and his wife to develop a broad ranging portfolio of investments for their retirement and estate growth.

“We’ve chosen to invest in the very small funds that have begun to emerge during the past few years. Owned and operated by young people under the age of 50 who put their own money into them, these funds and the people behind them see things differently – they see change and they identify different outcomes to those I might see,” said Graham.

“My interest is in things that are happening around the world. But the pace of change is rapid, and I realised that to identify an investment, assess it, buy it and monitor it, would simply not be possible without advice.

“Younger people in the capital raising business get really interesting opportunities presented to them by companies that have taken something new to a certain stage and are seeking the money to make it even better.”

Graham said he had read about the energy storage and heat generation technology being developed by 1414 Degrees and became interested in becoming involved with the company.

With an extensive portfolio that already included property, infrastructure and shares in Australian and offshore companies, the sophisticated investor took a stake in 1414 Degrees in late 2017, recognising the company’s significant opportunity for growth.

“Technology is remarkable to me,” said Graham. “The world won’t better itself without change, but all of a sudden there are so many technologies out there that really make us pause to examine how we do things today and how we can do them better.”

“We’re interested in anything that can change a lot in the world. New technologies, if they’re successfully taken through, are hugely beneficial to people and – eventually – may be profitable to those who invest in them.

“I’m seeing disruption and change in the world. Renewable energy has an enormous future, both in Australia and across the globe.

“The big issue at the moment is the lack of storage alongside the scale of things that some people are trying to do. It appears 1414 Degrees has a unique approach that is proven to work. They have a really good, sustainable technology, and I feel there is very little limitation on the expansion they could achieve with capital and innovative marketing and partnerships.

“People could do worse than to take a stake in the company – to support who they are and what they do. If things work as they should, I believe the company will be successful worldwide.”