The future of

clean industrial heat

Our mission is to deliver decarbonised high-temperature heat for industry.

Energy storage is crucial to converting intermittent renewable energy to reliable, efficient and cost-effective clean heat. We’re proving we have the best solution to deliver it.

How SiBox® creates heat

SiBox® is the culmination of over a decade of research and development by 1414 Degrees in silicon based latent heat thermal energy storage.

By harnessing the high temperature capabilities of silicon, the SiBox storage material, called SiBrick™, can convert renewable electricity to  zero-carbon heat for industries requiring temperatures above 800°C.

SiBox Demonstration Module on track

The benefits of SiBox

SiBox can provide reliable, clean heat for industry. Our storage media has high energy storage density, which means it provides consistent high-temperature heat, with a smaller footprint, without need for constant power input – making it a cost-effective solution to replace fossil fuels.

How SiBox can be applied

1414 Degrees’ silicon storage – SiBrick – is the most advanced technology to replace fossil fuels at temperatures above 800°C degrees. This is a requirement of minerals processing and manufacturing industries –including the cement, alumina and iron and steel sectors.

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Latest news

November Annual General Meeting

November Annual General Meeting

On 10 November 2023, 1414 Degrees Limited held our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Our Executive Chairman, Dr Kevin Moriarty, elaborated on how the past year had been marked by significant achievements in technology validation, ongoing product development, strategic...

1414 Degrees receives increased funding from Woodside for SiBox®

1414 Degrees receives increased funding from Woodside for SiBox®

1414 Degrees Ltd is pleased to announce that Woodside Energy Technologies Pty Ltd (“Woodside”) have increased their funding of 14D's SiBox Demonstration Module (SDM) by AU$750,000, taking the total funding to AU$2.75 million. The increased funding from Woodside will...

September 2023 Quarterly Activity Report

September 2023 Quarterly Activity Report

  1414 Degrees provided an update to the ASX on October 31 outlining progress on key milestones during the September quarter. Executive Chairman, Dr Kevin Moriarty wrote to Shareholders summarising the key updates. His correspondence and the Quarterly update are...


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