Yesterday (9/11/16) the State Government and the Adelaide City Council unveiled a plan to make Adelaide a carbon neutral city by 2025.

1414 Degrees chairman Dr Kevin Moriarty welcomes this plan but emphasises that grid storage is imperative to achieve this.

“The state’s electricity supply can not be decarbonised if it relies on interconnectors from other jurisdictions of the National Electricity Market that continue to be dependent on fossil fuels and gas fired turbines to deal with the intermittency of renewables.

1414 Degrees provides the only economically credible grid storage solution to achieve carbon neutrality – we want to be involved.”


The 1414 Degrees Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) can render buildings carbon neutral – a key component of the action plan which relies heavily on emissions reductions from city building energy use. 1414 Degrees TESS offerings can be sited in the basement of city buildings and be programmed to charge and release in a manner that renders the building carbon neutral. The smart grid facilitates this clever outcome.

“We believe that the decline in consumption is not the issue.” Dr Moriarty commented in response to the statement in the Plan that commercial and apartment buildings are the city’s largest consumers of electricity, accounting for 48 per cent of total emissions in 2015, but electricity consumption in the sector has been declining since 2007. “It is the peak demand that matters when it comes to electricity prices and underlies the current push to reliance on interconnectors and gas fired plant.”

1414 Degrees would welcome the opportunity to work with city businesses, and others involved in the Carbon Neutral Adelaide initiative to assist Adelaide in becoming a ‘Green City’.

This comes at a great time for 1414 Degrees as it finalises investment funding; soon moving into the next phase of business – developing large commercial systems which can be put to use for such aims as carbon neutrality.

Find out more about the TESS here, or contact us, below.