1414 Degrees Ltd is pleased to announce that Woodside Energy Technologies Pty Ltd (“Woodside”) have increased their funding of 14D’s SiBox Demonstration Module (SDM) by AU$750,000, taking the total funding to AU$2.75 million. The increased funding from Woodside will be made on the completion of specific milestones by the Company.

This takes total grant funding of the SDM project to AU$4.95m including AU$2.2m from the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative. It follows the successful commissioning in mid 2023, demonstrating the SDM’s ability to convert electric energy into a controlled very hot air stream for industrial processes.

The SDM is now operating autonomously, showcasing its flexibility to meet a range of industry needs by operating with constant flow rate at outlet temperatures ranging up to 900°C. It provided a stable hot air stream for over 6 hours at 900°C and over 15 hours at 700°C, drawing from both latent and sensible heat in its SiBrick™ storage media.

Following successful technology validation, Woodside will consider options for both technology infusion and potential pathways for commercialisation.

SiBox represents a significant advancement in 1414 Degrees’ energy storage technology developed over more than a decade.

Commenting, 1414 Degrees Chairman, Dr. Kevin Moriarty, stated, “Over the next 12 months, we anticipate that SiBox will emerge as a pivotal emissions solution for industrial sectors that manufacture the infrastructure of our societies and electricity generation. With financial support from Woodside and the Australian Government Modern Manufacturing Initiative, we are well-positioned to facilitate industries’ transition to lower carbon energy by providing high capacity high-temperature heat, addressing their unique challenges of high temperature, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.”

1414 Degrees Chief Technology Officer, Dr Mahesh Venkataraman said, “SiBox has demonstrated that our tech has the potential to abate emissions in carbon-intensive industries and has been recognised by Woodside for our progress in achieving technical milestones.  We have now successfully completed a key milestone in the validation of SiBox and will continue to test this technology for industrial applications.”

For further information on the Company’s agreement with Woodside Energy Technologies Pty Ltd, refer to the Company’s announcement to the ASX dated 13 October 2021.