News from 1414 Degrees

News from 1414 Degrees

23 July 2018

Quarterly Update: July 2018


It has been a very busy quarter for 1414 Degrees with the launch of the IPO, broker roadshows and investor presentations across Eastern Australia, and significant engineering advances. All components required to complete and commission the 10MWh TESS-IND arrived at our Lonsdale factory and the insulating refractory lining was installed by expert contractors. The heat store has also been assembled and heated for the first time.

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13 July 2018

14D IPO reduced minimum, with Bonus Loyalty Options

1414 IPO
The IPO for 1414 Degrees has been well supported. To date we have received over 1,600 applications for over $15 million, but we are yet to reach the required minimum subscription to close the offer. However, the applications to date, including yours, will be sufficient for the Company to achieve its main commercialisation objectives. This level of support in the IPO, for our early stage technology, is testament to the growth proposition of our Company.

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12 July 2018

Update from Isaac, Head of Engineering

Isaac, our Head of Engineering, gives his update on our constant progression with news on prototype modifications and the SA Water project.

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29 June 2018

Key questions answered

Following a wide range of questions at the information sessions and received via email, we have collated the recurring key questions and filmed an interview hosted by South Australian Journalist Andrew Spence with Kevin Moriarty, Executive Chairman and Matthew Johnson, Chief Technology Officer.

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21 June 2018

SA Water update

1414 Degrees last week signed off on some key safety requirements in preparation of the installation and commissioning of the GAS-TESS on the SA Water Glenelg site.

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19 June 2018

Offer Period Extended

1414 Degrees have issued a Supplementary Prospectus to extend the Offer Period to Friday 13 July 2018. This will allow the Company to capitalise on the market opportunities available to us at a domestic and international level and to undertake additional roadshows to investors in Australia and overseas.

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14 June 2018

Kevin Moriarty on FIVEaa

Kevin Moriarty was interviewed by Alan Hickey on FIVEaa.

Kevin spoke about the SA Water project, the solution of harnessing the gas and regenerating electricity.

Click to listen here (13MB, 11 minutes).

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13 June 2018

Your Top 9 questions answered

The Q&A session at the end of each of our Information Session presentations often shared the same questions across the venues. The answers to the top 9 questions are below – documented from the sessions and supplemented from information available in the Prospectus.

Don’t forget you can also read more FAQs here.

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5 June 2018

1414 Degrees’ ongoing progress: June Update

The first 10MWh TESS device is nearing completion in your Company’s Lonsdale workshopThe storage container has been heated to over 1,200°C and cooled in preparation for installation of the silicon phase change material. All energy recovery system (ERS) components are onsite, including the 333kW rated externally fired gas turbine, with full assembly scheduled to commence on June 12. This will be followed by a phased commissioning process.

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30 April 2018

1414 Degrees float heats up national energy market

After almost a decade – and $15 million – spent developing its silicon storage technology, energy innovator, 1414 Degrees, is going public.

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