It has been a busy start to this year for 1414 Degrees; with a new project commencing, important milestones achieved across others, and a move to new location!

These achievements, alongside other activity bring 1414 Degrees closer to commercialising technologies that will reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Given the breadth of activity, here’s a recap of what’s been happening.
We moved to Tonsley – South Australia’s premier high-value manufacturing and innovation district
• We were awarded a $2.5m grant for our SiPHyR hydrogen technology
SiBox® demonstration phase testing is complete
We’re moving forward with commercialisation
Our development program for SiBrick™ is progressing a durable brick, for long-term use
• We’ll be using our technology to produce low-emissions hydrogen
Hannam & Partners has updated its research coverage of our company
• We have a path for access to the transmission line near the Aurora Energy Precinct
• We released our March Quarterly Activity Report, re-capping a productive quarter
• The Federal Governments Budget was handed down, introducing new measures to support the energy transition. 

Move to Tonsley

In recent weeks, we’ve completed our move to the Tonsley Innovation District, South Australia’s premier high-value manufacturing district.

The return to Tonsley (our prototype was commissioned here in 2016) is more than a homecoming, it’s where we’ll be pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology even further, at what’s now a highly-awarded innovation precinct.

We’re excited to be surrounded by leading-edge research and education institutions, businesses and start-ups, as well as government and the wider community.

This is where we’ll continue to develop our low-cost SiBrick® and we’ll also be building the revolutionary dual column pyrolysis reactor, SiPHyR™.

Our telephone contact details remain the same and our new address has been updated on our website to: Western Plant, Door 1, 1 Watts Road, Tonsley SA 5042.

SiBox® demonstration phase testing complete

SiBox demonstration phase complete

We have successfully completed the 12-month testing phase for the SiBox Demonstration Module, having announced completion in late March.

That testing proved capabilities and performance that establish SiBox as a competitive solution for the long-duration energy storage market, particularly for industrial heat applications and grid stability.

This fulfilled key objectives of our SiBox Development Agreement with Woodside Energy Technologies and the Federal Government Modern Manufacturing Initiative, particularly taking the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from 4 to 7 in preparation for commercial operations.

This could be a game-changer for industries requiring dependable high-temperature heat, confirming SiBox’s potential to transform industrial energy use.

This milestone signified a pivotal shift for our company, with the commercialisation stage to identify the best path to take our technology to market.

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New appointment to take commercialisation forward

Dr. Jason Chaffey has been appointed to lead the commercial scaling of our technology. Dr Chaffey has extensive experience in commercialising technologies and is well-positioned to lead this venture, supported by 1414 Degrees’ skilled analytical and engineering staff.

Learn more about Dr Chaffey on LinkedIn

Dr. Jason Chaffey

Making SiBrick® suitable for mass production

The development program for our proprietary thermal storage media, SiBrick, is also progressing towards a design that is both durable for long term use and suitable for mass production.

The first batch of this newly designed SiBrick is currently being produced in Germany by our technology partner, Refratechnik Steel Gmbh, who will then conduct thorough thermal cycling and analysis of the storage media.

Following this phase, a trial for the mass production of SiBrick will commence.

Making SiBrick® suitable for mass production

Using our tech to produce hydrogen

We will be using our storage technology to decarbonise methane into hydrogen and solid carbon.

We have obtained two exclusive licences from the University of Adelaide.

The first licence, announced in January, is for a new fluid reactor technology – developed and patented by the University.

The other, announced late last month, is for a new method for producing carbon-free hydrogen from natural gas, currently the subject of an international patent application.

By integrating our SiBrick technology with the University’s licensed designs, we will produce very low cost hydrogen using an efficient hydrogen production method called methane pyrolysis.

Methane pyrolysis is a high-temperature process that transforms methane into hydrogen and solid carbon. It separates the carbon from gas to make a variety of useful and valuable products.

SiPHyR, as our new product will be known, will be developed at our Tonsley facility, thanks to a $2.5m grant, under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P).

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Investment bank updates coverage of 1414 Degrees

In October last year, we announced London-based bank, Hannam & Partners had initiated coverage of our company, publishing an independent research report highlighting 1414 Degrees Ltd as a standout player in the thermal energy storage sector.

Following the successful completion of the SiBox Demonstration Module testing phase and a new hydrogen business model, supported by an Australian Government grant, Hannam & Partners updated its target valuation of 1414 Degrees last month.

Read the Hannam & Partners update released last month here.

Read the original report, by Hannam & Partners, published in October 2023 here.

Aurora Energy Precinct transmission access update

In April we also made important progress on the Aurora Energy Precinct, a planned renewable energy park in the Upper Spencer Gulf.

We now have a path to access the 275kV Hill-to-Hill transmission line, which will connect the Aurora Energy Precinct’s electricity generation and stability services to the National Electricity Market.

A Term Sheet provides a process for SiliconAurora, Vast Solar and BHP subsidiary, OZ Minerals to progress to an agreement by 30 September 2024.

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Aurora Energy Precinct transmission access update

March Quarterly Activity Report

Late last month, we released to the ASX our Quarterly Activity Report, for the period ending 31 March 2024.

It overviews a productive quarter for our company and for our shareholders, who have seen a substantial revaluation of the company, driven by several of the achievements outlined in this correspondence.

Read the Quarterly on our website

Australian Government Budget 2024 supporting the energy transition


We welcome the Australian Government’s 2024 budget commitment to initiatives that will help power Australia with ‘cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy’

Our storage technology is designed to deliver reliable renewable energy and SiPHyR is aimed at very low cost hydrogen production; clean heat and power for a more sustainable planet. 

Learn more about what we do: and for more insights on the 2024 Budget, watch this interview with the Clean Energy Council’s Chief Executive, Kane Thornton, who explains the economic opportunities generated by making Australia a renewable energy super power. That’s in addition to the obvious environmental benefits!