About us

We’re an innovative clean energy company, specialising in thermal energy storage solutions to decarbonise high temperature industry and power generation.

Our engineers and researchers have collaborated with industry and academia to develop a game-changing, silicon-based thermal energy storage technology.

This proprietary technology harnesses silicon’s extremely high energy density, to deliver high-temperature heat, with results proven in a demonstration module.

Testing shows our technology is a viable replacement for fossil fuels in high-temperature industries. These industries are difficult to decarbonise but seeking more sustainable solutions to support their operations.

We’re now continuing our innovation, to further enhance the technology, while progressing several commercial applications including a thermal energy storage system that can be retrofitted to industrial processes and an emissions-free hydrogen production solution.

SiBox technology
SiBox technology

Why are we called
1414 Degrees?

1414°C is silicon’s very high melting point, the basis for our thermal energy storage innovation, so it deserves a place in our name!