Industry uses

Which industries will benefit from our technology?

Industries reliant on high-temperature process heat are the target market for our thermal energy storage technology. 

The minerals processing and manufacturing industries, including the enormous cement, alumina and steel sectors are especially reliant on high-temperature process heat above 800C. 

Long duration energy storage can also help stabilise the energy grid and high-temperature process heat can be used to produce hydrogen. 

SiBox technology

Priority markets

Organisations seeking to decarbonise their operations and with net zero ambitions are the focus of our efforts.

We know our technology could help significantly reduce emissions while also helping to cut operational costs across a number of industries.

Working with proprietary data from industry, analysts have determined the impacts SiBox energy storage solution, could have on operations.

Alumina Processing

Integration into steam raising, calcination thermal input and feedstock pre-heating


Cement Production

Reduced process variation due to more precisise temperature control

Continuous 24/7 heat

Grid Stabilisation

Long Duration Energy Storage for grid stabilisation

Energy arbitrage, system strength FCAS provision, retrofit.

Hydrogen and Steel

Integration into hydrogen production to produce emission-free hydrogen for steelmaking, fertiliser production, or as a fuel.

How do we know there’s demand?