1414 Degrees is pleased to advise its Aurora Energy Project has been granted a variation to its existing Development Approval by the South Australian Minister for Planning and Local Government.

The variation allows for the addition of a 140MW/280MWhr battery energy storage system (BESS), thermal energy storage and 33kV transmission line grid connection. Also included is a modified site layout plan and project staging. This is in addition to the 150MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), 70MW Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) and 275kV connection to the network already approved.

The Aurora Energy Project is intended to be constructed in a series of stages. An initial BESS will unlock the potential for future solar installation as well as providing further system security and support to the electricity network surrounding Port Augusta. The exact sequence of stages after Stage 1 is subject to change, and contingent on financial and engineering outcomes:

  1. 140MW/140MWh BESS (140MW with 1 hr capacity storage), including 275kV connection to the national electricity network
  2. 70MW Solar PV generation
  3. 150MW CSP generation
  4. SiBox Thermal Energy Storage pilot including 33kV connection to electricity network
  5. Expansion of BESS to 140MW/280MWh (i.e. increase to 2 hour capacity)
  6. SiBox Thermal Energy Storage expansion

The development approval is a key milestone in the advancement of the long-term large-scale renewable energy project. 1414 Degrees will continue to work with all regional stakeholders including the Barngala Determination Aboriginal Corporation, pastoral leaseholders and council to unlock the renewable energy potential in the area. We are now looking to accelerate the Aurora Energy Project including potentially bringing in a partner to participate in and co-invest in the final development activities such as equipment selection and transmission studies. We anticipate a final investment decision for Stage 1 of the project to be in late 2022 with construction expected to commence in early 2023.