Aurora Energy Project

The Aurora Energy Project (Aurora) is about developing a hybrid renewable energy power plant near Port Augusta in South Australia’s Upper Spencer Gulf. A 50-50 joint venture between 1414 Degrees and Vast, this project brings together two leading Australian energy innovators. 

About the project

Aurora will be developed as a staged renewable energy park with extensive opportunities for growth, development and revenue generation – with strong projections already published for 2025-2029 net revenue. 

Aurora has been designed to capture revenue opportunities in line with market dynamics. Initially that means connecting a 140MW battery on 275kV transmission line, to capture large flow cash projected for connection to the National Electricity Market (NEM). 

The staged approach: 

We are working closely with our joint-venture partner, Vast, to progress a Stage 1 Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to final investment decision, having received a strong outlook for cash flow from a battery. 

In the longer-term, Aurora also provides the opportunity to deploy: 

  • Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) 
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), using Vast’s proprietary technology and 
  • a pilot of our SiBox® thermal energy storage technology. 

We have development approval for up to 140MW/280MWh BESS, 70MW Solar PV, 150MW CSP, SiBox thermal energy storage, sub-station and associated works that enable connection to the NEM. 

Land and heritage agreements are also in place. 

How will this project generate revenue? 

The project will support Australia’s transition to a low-carbon electricity system, by providing additional, reliable, renewable electricity supply to the grid. 

We’re at a critical point in Australia’s energy transition – with coal fired power stations retiring or unavailable and energy prices going up. While there continues to be growth in renewable electricity projects, their supply is often intermittent or curtailed. 

The Aurora Energy Project is being designed to address these challenges through development of a hybrid renewable energy power plant, delivering reliable electricity to the NEM, supported with long duration energy storage output. 

It’s backed by a strong project team – including ElectraNet and AECOM – with discussions underway with BHP to negotiate sharing and converting the transmission line to dedicated network asset (DNA). 




For more information, see our investor presentation.