Aurora Energy Project

1414 Degrees is developing a hybrid power plant with long duration storage

output through the Aurora Energy Project located near Port Augusta.

The Potential

The multi-staged approach to the Aurora project presents extensive opportunities for growth, development, and revenue generation. Connecting the hybrid renewable energy plant to the National Electricity Market will attract multiple sources of revenue across wholesale energy, frequency control and ancillary services (FCAS) markets.


Modelling conducted by specialist agencies has shown positive outlooks for revenues from the development of solar PV and a battery storage system (BESS) to capture immediate opportunity from FCAS services. Read the full story here. 

Revenue Opportunities

  • – Renewable electricity generation from Solar PV 
  • – High energy fast frequency services (FFR and FCAS) from BESS 
  • – Grid stability services through TESS 
    • – Firming contracts from synchronous power 
    • – Frequency control and ancillary services 
    • – Demand response market
  • – Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • – National Electricity Market (NEM) trading 
  • – Distributed electricity and heat 

The Multi-Staged Approach

Project Readiness

  • – 40-year project lease in place​ 
  • – Development approval for a 70MW solar PV farm and 150 MW of generation from a concentrated solar thermal plant (CST). 
  • – Heritage Agreement in place​ 
  • – Native Vegetation Clearance Permit granted​ 
  • – Transmission connection process underway​


Stage 1: Solar PV will generate renewable electricity, short duration battery storage system (BESS) will target high energy fast frequency services (FFR and FCAS) to generate revenues. This will allow 1414 Degrees to ready its proprietary storage technology to provide high value firmed electricity for implementation onto the site. 

Stage 2: 1414 Degrees’ large scale TESS-GRID will be added to the site to provide long duration, high value firmed power to tap higher electricity prices. TESS will increase revenues for existing and new large-scale renewable energy sites. 

Stage 3: SiliconAurora is preparing a longer term plan to deliver a larger solar power generation and storage park that fully utilises the 1100 hectare site under the 40 year lease from the South Australian government. The plan envisages SiliconAurora managing and owning the transmission connections to earn revenues from power supplied by multiple assets, including the hybrid power station and other technologies such as CSP.  


The immediate focus is revenue generation from the project using a large battery storage system (BESS) sharing connections with the first stage of PV already approved for development in 2021.