1414 Degrees continues to develop its people and culture to deliver the vision.

1414 Degrees is an ASX listed company developing and commercialising thermal energy storage technology. We are focused on cutting-edge technological research and development to enable a clean energy future by firming intermittent renewables to providing decarbonised high temperature heat for industry and an energy storage solution for the grid.  We are the most advanced company in the world commercialising silicon-based thermal energy storage technology, which is unique in its combination of versatility, scalability, sustainability, and cost. 


We will list employment opportunities here and through LinkedIn, so please follow our page to view new opportunities.


 Opportunities will be listed here.


Our purpose:

Realise potential by enabling a world of clean energy


Our values:

  • – Seek a better way: embrace and drive change, test, learn and grow – this will include failure – without it we cannot innovate
  • – Be a team player: commit to each other, respectfully collaborate, be persistent
  • – Foster a culture of courage: be self-aware, open to new ideas and back yourself
  • – Respect diversity: our growth will be driven by a variety of perspectives
  • – Deliver results: keep your eye on the end game
  • – Care for self and others: ensure we are all healthy and safe