1414 Degrees Ltd  is pleased to announce that all Directors have demonstrated their confidence in 1414 Degrees’ growth by applying to take up new securities in the Company under the entitlement offer announced by the Company on 14 July 2023 (“Entitlement Offer”) in accordance with their intentions set out in the prospectus for the Entitlement Offer.

This Entitlement Offer presents an opportunity for eligible shareholders to extend their investment in 1414 Degrees.

Executive Chairman of 1414 Degrees, Dr Kevin Moriarty, commented:

“The Directors’ active participation in the Entitlement Offer underscores their belief in 1414 Degrees’ potential to decarbonise high-temperature industrial heat and their dedication to maximising shareholder value.”

“Moreover, we are equally pleased to see members of staff applying for securities under the Entitlement Offer, reflecting their commitment to the Company.”

We would like to remind all eligible shareholders that the Entitlement Offer is scheduled to close at 5:00pm (AEST) on August 14, 2023 (unless varied by the Directors in accordance with the Listing Rules and applicable law). We encourage all eligible shareholders to carefully consider this opportunity to join us in our renewed mission to decarbonise high-temperature industrial heat and contribute to global net-zero targets.

Eligible shareholders can view a copy of the prospectus and access their personalised entitlement and acceptance form at www.computersharecas.com.au/14dentitlementoffer.

Your continued support and participation remains vital to your Company’s future.