(photo: 14D BRICK wall in the SiBox Demonstration Module)

We are pleased to announce receipt of the next $847,000 grant funding tranche from the Australian Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI).

1414 Degrees was awarded the $2.2m MMI grant in November 2021 to support the commercialisation of its proprietary silicon brick storage media.  The funds are for the construction, commissioning and testing of the SiBox Demonstration Module, as well as market research and technoeconomic assessments of brown-field industrial integration prospects.

The $847,000 funding represents the second installment of grant funding delivered to 1414 Degrees under the grant agreement and is testament to the progress of the Project. 

Together with the $300,000 received via the premium placement announced on 14 March 2023, 1414 Degrees is attracting significant funding to its 14D brick solution to support the decarbonisation of high-temperature industry.