• GAS-TESS mechanical installation complete 

  • GAS-TESS electrical installation due to complete next week 

  • Commissioning due to conclude in May 

1414 Degrees has completed the mechanical installation of the world first, biogas powered, thermal energy storage system. Electrical installation has been delayed by a week, once complete the GAS-TESS will be ready to take on biogas from the SA Water Glenelg Wastewater Treatment plant. This will mark the start of our first commissioning process on a commercial site. 

Following the completion of electrical installation the engineering team will begin testing, modifying and verifying aspects as part of the commissioning process. This will include release of biogas from SA Water for firing burners and connection approvals from South Australian Power Network (SAPN). 

Once systems and sub-systems, including gas input to burning and heat output, energy reclaim to the turbine, and the electrical control interface are operating at optimal capacity the turbine will be started for the final phase of commissioning, due in May.

Recent news articles have been successful in shining a spotlight on 1414 Degrees (14D)’s exciting project, including Stockhead’s feature ‘Energy: 1414 installs world’s first biogas powered thermal energy storage system’.