The 1414 Degrees GAS-TESS is on target with all key components of the technology now on site at SA Water’s Glenelg Wastewater Treatment plant. The site work continues as the installation of all mechanical equipment is completed concurrently with electrical and communications wiring.  By late March, the GAS-TESS will be ready to take on the biogas from SA Water.  

SA Water is trialing our technology to time-shift the combustion of biogas to help it meet a target of zero net cost energy from 2020 – which will lead to significant cost savings. 2019 will mark the year that we demonstrate the potential of what our thermal energy storage can achieve.



This project has generated significant, international attention from media and industry alike. Recent article 1414 Degrees kicks off molten silicone storage project in Australia from Energy Storage News is just one example of the excitement for 1414 Degrees (14D)’s project.