The world’s first biogas storage generating heat and electricity

SA Water approached 1414 Degrees to develop a thermal energy storage system (TESS) charged with gas, rather than electricity, which could store the energy from the biogas created in their wastewater treatment process.

The result is the GAS-TESS, the first technology in the world to solve the issue of effectively storing biogas as thermal energy to produce heat and electricity on demand.

SA Water is a leader in sewage treatment. A by-product of the wastewater treatment process is biogas, this is a highly economical source of renewable energy, however, there are challenges in storing the gas which generally must be used as it is generated.

SA Water approached us with the idea of using our technology to help them time-shift their use of biogas. Wastewater treatment plants want a stable, consistent source of heat, lower maintenance costs, and electricity when it’s needed.

Biogas usage options:

1. 1414 DEGREES GAS-TESS: timeshifts the use of biogas energy, delivers constant hot water to feed the digestion process and lower operating and maintenance costs.

2. FLARE: biogas is burnt resulting in wasted energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

3. GAS-ENGINE GENERATOR: biogas is burnt in reciprocating engines to generate electricity and heat. Costly pre-treatment of the gas is often required, maintenance costs are high and generation cannot be matched with demand.

The GAS-TESS time-shifts energy usage by burning untreated biogas at high temperatures and storing the energy as heat. This heat will then pass through an energy recovery system, converting to hot water and electricity on demand.

Take a tour of the GAS-TESS

The progression of the GAS-TESS from idea to reality in just under two years speaks to the effort, dedication, and determination of the 1414 Degrees team and the continued support of our key stakeholders.

Australian Federal Government – Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The Australian Federal Government has provided financial support to 1414 Degrees in developing the prototype and the TESS-IND. The Director of Accelerating Commercialisation visited the GAS-TESS site in March 2019.

South Australian Government

In December 2018 we received a commendation in the South Australian Premier’s Awards for the Energy Sector – Excellence in Innovation: Transformational Innovation. Additionally the South Australian Minister of Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan showed his support in launching the GAS-TESS.

SA Water

Both 1414 Degrees and SA Water have embarked on an innovative venture. Since the commencement of the GAS-TESS journey we have built strong working relations with the team at SA Water.