Here at 1414 Degrees we have been putting together our submission for the Finkel Review of the National Electricity Market and want to share our thoughts on how grid security and reliability can be improved.

Immediate action must focus on removing the intermittency associated with renewables generation derived mostly from solar and wind.

This can only be achieved by embedding medium to large scale storage technology in the electricity grid.

1414 Degrees has developed storage technology using the latent energy characteristics of molten silicon which is scalable from a few megawatt hours to many hundreds of megawatt hours, is site agnostic, has no operational fuel costs, is environmentally benign during its 25 year operating life cycle and has no environmental impact on decommissioning.

The prototype plant has been running since September 2016 at the Tonsley Park Innovation Precinct in South Australia and the first commercial model will be installed in 2017.

Power networks the world over can only fully rely on renewables generation when there is reliable, scalable and readily accessible energy storage available.

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