1414 Degrees has commenced a restructure of its corporate and leadership team toward realising early revenue opportunities from its Aurora Project while advancing 14D’s core technology. Paired with recent Board changes, the Company is seeking to strengthen both the Board and corporate leadership team with the appointment of ASX experienced Directors and a Managing Director.


1414 Degrees is pleased to advise that, effective immediately, it has appointed Dr Jordan Parham as interim Chief Executive Officer to lead 1414 Degrees through this transition phase. He will fill the position of CEO of 1414 Degrees until October 2020 when the position will be re-assessed.


Dr Parham has been Chief Operating Officer at the Company since 14 January 2019. In this time he has restructured and enhanced the technical team setting a new development path for long-duration storage competitiveness of the Company’s TESS technology. Prior to his time at 1414 Degrees, Dr Parham was CEO of FCT-Combustion (Asia-Pacific) and Manager of the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources at the University of Adelaide. His qualifications include a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Project Management, and he has completed the Advanced Management Program at the University of Melbourne Business School. He brings a unique combination of technical, strategic, business and leadership skills, a strong interest in clean thermal energy technology, and a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector in Australia and globally.


As interim CEO, Dr Parham will work with 1414 Degrees’ executive team and Board to execute the Company’s vision and build investor confidence by delivering commercially valuable outcomes. In particular, he will support Ms Marie Pavlik, CEO of 14D’s subsidiary company, SiliconAurora, to develop the Aurora Project with TESS and generate revenues for the Company. He will continue to oversee the technical team, led by Dr Mahesh Venkataraman, to ensure the delivery of robust and competitive TESS technology. He will work closely with the business development team to commercialise 1414 Degrees’ SiBox, GAS-TESS and TESS-GRID technologies.


Dr Parham and Ms Pavlik will continue to report to Executive Chairman, Dr Kevin Moriarty.


Terms and Conditions of CEO Appointment:


Chief Executive Officer 1414 Degrees


$155,000 per annum


1 August 2020 to 31 October 2020


3 months’ notice

The Employment Contract covers standard terms including confidentiality, intellectual property, non-solicit and non-competition.