It’s encouraging to see that investment in renewable generation is on the rise again in Australia, and notable that, while clean energy investment may be down globally, installed capacity is actually rising as installation costs fall. 

Reported in Renew Economy, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) figures released in January show that Australian renewables investment bucked the global trend to grow 49% in 2016.

Renewables need storageClick to read the article from Renew Economy here.

As capacity grows it becomes ever more essential to secure the supply produced by renewables by investing in reliable, low cost energy storage solutions. 1414 Degrees storage solution is clean, safe, scalable, cheap and unlike any other storage available. 10 years of development have produced a thermal energy storage system (TESS) capable of stabilising grids, dwarfing current battery solutions and costing vastly less per megawatt.

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