Investor profiles

We have profiled some of our early investors to share their vision and passion for clean energy. Read their stories here.


It was a passion for change, coupled with his desire to see the successful development of boundary pushing technologies, which led Graham to invest in energy innovator 1414 Degrees.

After retiring a decade ago following a successful 40-year business career, Graham set up relationships with younger members of the stockbroking and capital raising industry, harnessing their insight and relationships to assist him and his wife to develop a broad ranging portfolio of investments for their retirement and estate growth.


In 2016, with a keen eye on growth markets – and driven by a commitment to protecting the environment – Anne became one of the first investors to inject seed capital into 1414 Degrees.

Alongside her husband, also a sophisticated investor, Anne had long been researching the company and mapping the development of its Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) technology.



1414 Degrees (14D) is developing solutions to fill the critical gap in Energy Storage. Our thermal energy storage system (TESS) is set to reduce energy costs by increasing the efficiency of renewable generation and stabilising grid supply. 1414 Degrees (14D) technology will make energy more reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly by harnessing the significant potential of  Energy Storage.

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