12 December 2022

We’re proud to announce that we’ve successfully reached a major milestone, in the development of our SiBox™ Demonstration Module.

The furnace has been installed and heated to 1420°C and we’re pleased to report construction is almost complete.

What this means, is that we’re confident moving forward with the installation of our thermal energy storage media (silicon) and we’re on track for commissioning the SiBox™ demonstration module in the new year.

Following that, performance testing will be conducted to provide important data to demonstrate how SiBox will deliver value for our customers. This will contribute to our commercialisation strategy for SiBox™. That’s what will see us deliver clean heat for the energy transition.

There is a huge global market for clean heat so 2023 is looking like an exciting year, as we look to pilot projects for SiBox™

SiBox™ will harness the extremely high latent heat capacity of silicon, to store heat from intermittent renewables, providing industry with reliable, decarbonised, ultra-high temperature heat 24/7.