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2nd of August 2019

1414 Degrees scope a new sustainable power deal with Stone & Wood

1414 Degrees Ltd (ASX:14D) and Stone & Wood Brewing Company Pty Ltd (Stone & Wood) yesterday agreed to undertake a feasibility study for the integration of 1414 Degrees’ electrically charged Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS-IND) into the Company’s Murwillumbah brewery in northern New South Wales.

Stone & Wood is actively scoping innovative and more sustainable energy solutions, and 1414 Degrees’ TESS-IND can provide reliable heat sourced from renewables on the grid. The brewery has a daily heat demand from processing its beer and is expecting to expand production. Feasibility would identify the potential to sequentially replace or supplement existing gas boilers currently used to generate heat with a TESS-IND.

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