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23rd February 2018

InDaily- Storage charge the key to affordable green energy, says industry leader

20th February 2018

5AA – Alan Hickey interviewed Kevin Moriarty about the SA Water project implementation.

22nd December 2017

SA Water – Poo puts downward pressure on power costs 

19th December 2017

Climate Control News – Thermal energy storage technology gets commercial support

29th November 2017

Renew Economy – S.A. provides funds for four “next wave”energy storage projects

22nd November 2017

The Lead South Australia – Production heats up for renewable energy storage company

22nd September 2017

Australian Financial Review – Silicon battery firm 1414 Degrees defers IPO to build 400MWh units

13th September 2017

The Lead South Australia – Storm stirs renewable energy investment in South Australia

28th August 2017

Adelaide Now – 1414 Degrees to bid for slice of State Government’s renewable energy scheme for silicon storage power plant…/jay-weatherill-looks-for-technologies-to-make-renewables-more-reliable-launches-rules-for-150m-taxpayerfunded-scheme/news-story

7th August 2017

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – $5 million to push Australian innovations towards commercial reality

26th June 2017

The Lead South Australia – Silicon energy storage technology scales up for commercial production

11th April 2017

Adelaide Now – Silicon storage ‘better than batteries’ — and cheaper says Adelaide company 1414 Degrees…/silicon-storage-better-than-batteries-and-cheaper-says-adelaide-company-1414-degrees/news-story

6th April 2017

The Guardian – Salt, Silicon Or Graphite: Energy Storage Goes Beyond Lithium Ion Batteries

5th April 2017

EcoGeneration – Storage debate heats up, but will it reach 1414 Degrees?

20th March 2017

Ten Eyewitness News – Power Solutions–20-mar-2017

13th March 2017

Australian Financial Review – Silicon Battery Firm 1414 Degrees Ignores Tesla, Snowy Hydro blitz for IPO

5th March 2017

The Australian – Storage is part of the solution to our energy security woes, not coal…/storage-is-part-of-the-solution-to-our-energy-security-woes-not-coal/

2nd March 2017

Financial Review -Silicon battery firm 1414 Degrees shuns patents to keep trade secrets

20th Feb 2017

IFL Science – New Battery Technologies Developed That Don’t Need Rare Materials

20th Feb 2017

The Next Big Future – Molten Silicon thermal energy storage system has higher density and ten time lower cost than lithium ion batteries for utility storage

20th Feb 2017

ABC News – The role of emerging technologies in energy market

15th Feb 2017

2UE, Talking Technology – Storage is part of the solution to our energy security woes, not coal

13th Feb 2017

Australian Financial Review – First renewable energy accelerator launches in NSW

10th Feb 2017

Australian Financial Review – Silicon will blow lithium batteries out of the water says Adelaide firm

10th Feb 2017 – Energy Idea aims to store success as it plans beyond current prototype…/energy-idea-aims-to-store-success-as-it-plans-beyond-current-prototype/