In a further development of our strategy to use our technology to produce low-emissions hydrogen, 1414 Degrees is pleased to announce it has acquired exclusive rights to a new method for producing net zero hydrogen from natural gas.

This invention by the University of Adelaide (UoA) is the subject of an international patent application.

The rights are in addition to rights acquired in January, also from the UoA, for a dual-column fluid reactor which is an integral component of our methane pyrolysis hydrogen technology.

The complementary UoA inventions comprise a complete technology for efficient low-emission hydrogen production.

1414 Degrees will progress development of these technologies and integrate them with our silicon-based thermal energy storage solution, with the aim to commercialise “decarbonised gas” as a turn-key solution for industrial heat users.

The new patent is for a process optimising energy use and increasing the efficiency of conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and carbon. The process involves innovative gas-recycling and heat recovery, along with optimised temperature, pressure and separation ratios which can achieve higher reaction efficiencies compared to the existing processes.

By incorporating our SiBrick® silicon storage into the technology, we plan to increase the use of renewable energy and potentially eliminate the need to use hydrogen or methane for process heat, further increasing the hydrogen yield from the process. Using renewable power and hybridising with biogas would result in zero net carbon dioxide emissions.

Dr. Kevin Moriarty, 1414 Degrees Executive Chairman said: “incorporating our silicon storage technologies will allow charging to occur when electricity prices are low, while sustaining round-the-clock heat supply for production in a factory. We are excited to use these patents in our quest to decarbonise high temperature industries.”