Our history

We have been working in thermal energy storage since 2008, with a strong history of safety, innovation, research and development.

Our company was established in 2009.  We became 1414 Degrees Pty Ltd in 2016, reflecting our work with silicon as the basis for our thermal energy storage innovations (silicon has a very high melting point of 1414◦C).

We listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2018.

SiBox technology

Innovation is in our DNA

Over the course of our history, we have developed a series of thermal energy storage solutions – each building on our expert knowledge – keeping us at the cutting-edge of innovation.

This work culminated in successfully proving the efficacy of our latest silicon-based thermal energy storage technology – SiBrick® – in the SiBox® Demonstration Module in 2023.

Prototype (2016)

Silicon storage with Stirling heat engine 

Storing electric energy
Regenerating 30KW electricity

TESS-IND (2018)

6 MWhth storage coupled to gas turbine 

Storing electric energy
Regenerating 180KW electricity

GAS-TESS (2019)

Biogas powered 6 MWhth storage coupled to gas turbine 

Burning & storing biogas energy

Regenerating 180KW electricity on National Electricity Market (NEM)

SiBox® Module (2023)

SiBrick storage media outputting up to 900°C hot air

SiBox Demonstration Module on track

Electric energy to high temperature heat