The future of
clean industrial heat

Clean, scalable energy storage

Renewable energy
to stabilise the grid

1414 Degrees’ energy storage technology can deliver clean heat and power for a more sustainable planet.

Our proven technology is the key to providing clean heat for industry and clean energy to stabilise the grid.

Our mission is to deliver decarbonised high-temperature heat for industry.

Our technology

Our silicon-based thermal energy storage solutions safely and efficiently store renewable electricity as latent heat.  

In a demonstration module, it’s been shown our storage technology can produce up to 900◦C hot air, proving its potential as a gas replacement technology for high-temperature industries. 

How SiBox creates heat

How we know it works 

Our demonstration module SiBox® proves we have one of the most advanced solutions to decarbonise high-temperature industry and shows it can help achieve other net zero goals too. 

SiBox is the complete energy storage system, where we installed and tested our leading-edge storage technology – SiBrick®.  

What it can be used for

Our technology can be used to make industrial processes more sustainable by providing reliable and consistent clean heat and power.

Long duration energy storage can also help stabilise the energy grid and high-temperature heat can be used to produce hydrogen.

Our partners

Latest news

New hydrogen processing technology for 14D

New hydrogen processing technology for 14D

In a further development of our strategy to use our technology to produce low-emissions hydrogen, 1414 Degrees is pleased to announce it has acquired exclusive rights to a new method for producing net zero hydrogen from natural gas. This invention by the University of...

Aurora Energy Precinct transmission access update

Aurora Energy Precinct transmission access update

1414 Degrees Ltd is pleased to advise that its joint venture SiliconAurora Pty Ltd, owned equally with Vast Renewables Limited (Vast), has entered into a term sheet with Vast Solar and OZ Minerals Services Pty Ltd , a subsidiary of BHP Group Limited (BHP). The Term...

Investment bank updates coverage of 1414 Degrees

Investment bank updates coverage of 1414 Degrees

Investment bank, Hannam & Partners, has updated its coverage of 1414 Degrees. In October last year, we announced the London-based bank had initiated coverage of our company, publishing an independent research report highlighting 1414 Degrees Ltd as a standout...