The first stages of commissioning of the TESS-IND have progressed very well, including successful runs for several hours. Commissioning is a multi-stage process from verifying individual components to operability of the control systems to optimising power generation.

We have run the turbine on hot air six times, producing electricity over runs of up to four and half hours and a total combined heat power (CHP) efficiency of 68%. These results are better than anticipated at this very early stage.

Following the cooling of the box, next week we will install the first load of silicon phase change material (PCM) – a key stage in the commissioning. We will progressively increase temperatures and cycle the heat store through latent heat with turbine runs over the coming weeks. This will provide the engineers with key data to fine-tune and achieve maximum efficiencies at operational temperature.

The GAS-TESS for the Glenelg Waste Water Treatment Plant is progressing well, with the refractory installation well underway and the burners and other key equipment being assembled.