1414 Degrees Ltd is proud to announce a major step forward for our energy storage technology, with the successful completion of the SiBox demonstration phase testing and a greater shift towards commercialisation.

This milestone signifies a pivotal shift for our company, with the commercialisation stage to identify the best path to take our technology to market.

The SiBox Demonstration Module has successfully completed the 12-month testing phase, proving capabilities and performance that establish SiBox as a competitive solution for the long-duration energy storage market, particularly for industrial heat applications and grid stability.

This fulfils key objectives of our SiBox Development Agreement with Woodside Energy Technologies and the Federal Government Modern Manufacturing Initiative, particularly taking the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from 4 to 7 in preparation for commercial operations.

This could be a game-changer for industries requiring dependable high-temperature heat, confirming SiBox’s potential to transform industrial energy use.

Commercial scaling at the forefront

Building on this important milestone, we have also appointed Dr. Jason Chaffey to lead the commercial scaling of the SiBox technology. Dr Chaffey – who has extensive experience in commercialising technologies – is well-positioned to lead this venture, supported by 1414 Degrees’ skilled analytical and engineering staff.

Move to Tonsley triggers more innovation and development

We will also be moving to the Tonsley Innovation District where we will continue to develop low-cost SiBrick at our new facility. The return to Tonsley (our prototype was commissioned there in 2016) is more than a homecoming; it’s where we’ll be pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology even further.

In addition to developing low-cost SiBrick at Tonsley, we’ll also be building a revolutionary dual column pyrolysis reactor, integrated with our SiBox technology, aiming to lower the cost of hydrogen production.

Each of these activities bring us closer to commercialising our technology.

Read the full update to the ASX here.