SiBox® is our complete thermal energy storage system. It is our “off the shelf”, proven technology that’s designed to be retrofitted to heavy industry processes to provide clean heat output up to 900°C.

Our proprietary silicon-based storage technology – SiBrick® – is installed within SiBox to safely and efficiently store renewable electricity as latent heat. 

When we scale-up SiBox in future, it will be able to provide even higher temperature air output, up to 1414°C.

SiBox is a viable replacement for fossil fuels and can provide industry with reliable, decarbonised, ultra-high-temperature heat 24/7.

Process heat costs Australian industry $8 billion annually, so this technology is a game-changer for industries (including the minerals, cement and alumina industries) seeking to replace fossil fuels with an affordable opportunity to access clean heat.

How does it work?

SiBox charges with low-cost renewable energy when prices are low and stores it as heat in our proprietary silicon storage media, SiBrick. It provides high-temperature air output to an energy recovery system.

That air output, can also be used to provide combined heat and power.

The benefits

Silicon’s very high melting point (1414°C) and high energy density means it can hold much more energy than other phase change materials, supplying consistent heat and electricity in the proportions required by consumers.

Silicon’s high energy density also means this solution has a smaller foot-print, compared to alternatives, and does not require a constant power input – making it a cost-effective solution to replace fossil fuels.

What SiBox can be used for

1414 Degrees’ technology is designed to make industrial processes more sustainable.

There are various opportunities for its application across processing and manufacturing industries. It could be use used as part of a solution to support grid stability or in conjunction with a novel reactor.

How SiBox was developed

SiBox is the culmination of over a decade of research and development by 1414 Degrees in silicon based latent heat thermal energy storage.

Work to develop the SiBox Demonstration Module was undertaken in a dedicated workshop for SiBox research and development, backed by strategic industry collaborators – particularly Woodside Energy Technologies – and university collaborators who provided specialised skills and experience.

    SiBox Demonstration Module on track
    why does industry need our SiBrick?
    SiBox is the culmination of over a decade of research and development

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