SiBrick® – our silicon-based thermal energy storage technology – safely and efficiently stores electricity as latent heat. 

This proprietary technology is the result of years of innovation, research and development and it is the centre piece of all our commercial opportunities. 

While SiBrick’s efficacy has been proven in our SiBox® Demonstration Module, the bricks can be a commercially saleable product in their own right. 

Our mission is to deliver decarbonised high-temperature heat for industry.

One SiBrick – many options

SiBrick is installed within SiBox – our complete and scalable thermal energy storage system – designed to be retrofitted to existing industrial processes as a gas-replacement technology.

SiBrick could be installed in regenerative furnaces for heat recovery, increasing efficiency and reducing process variability.

SiBrick can be installed in next generation electric reactors, providing industrial heat, or supporting hydrogen production (e.g. SiPHyR).

Mass manufacturing SiBrick

We’re working with Munich-head quartered, Refratechnik Group. 

The goal is to mass-produce SiBrick in existing refractory brick plants, enabling us to scale-up quickly for commerical sales.