From prototype to current solutions to the future vision, 1414 Degrees’ thermal energy storage system (TESS) technology is ever evolving.

The TESS-IND 10MWh+ has a compact design for industries and residential developments requiring reliable electricity and heat energy on demand.

The first TESS-IND unit was commissioned at our research and development facility. TESS-IND storage
devices are to be commissioned at sites including a poultry processing facility and a packaging manufacturer.

The TESS-GRID 200MWh+ is designed to store bulk energy at very high current flows and supply electricity and heat for long periods.

The device will provide energy security in electricity markets with substantial renewable generation.

The 10MWh+ TESS-STEAM is designed for industries with a very high demand for heat compared to electricity.

The high efficiency steam generator will replace gas or other energy sources.

The 1GWh+ TESS-GRID Integrated Concept

Five connected 200MWh modules provide 1,000MWh (1GWh) of energy storage as part of an integrated solution for reliable renewable supply.

  • Connected to a large renewable farm directly or through an electricity network.
  • An industrial park with industries requiring process heat – greenhouse food producers, abattoirs or packaging manufacturers.

The TESS was commissioned in September 2016. The prototype is used as a test bed for refining our technology to ensure scalability and durability for the larger TESS-IND and TESS-GRID units.

The energy recovery system originally tested was a ‘Stirling’ motor, but this has been replaced by an externally gas fired turbine, both of which have operated successfully – highlighting the flexibility of our system.

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