Our versatile technology addresses consistency of supply, helps to displace gas, reducing carbon emissions and stabilises grids. The flexibility of our design means we are able to develop solutions to meet the needs of the customer.


The TESS-IND ~ 10MWh+ has a compact design for industries requiring reliable electricity and heat energy on demand.

The first TESS-IND unit was commissioned at our research and development facility. The TESS-IND team are working to achieve higher efficiency and a more compact layout for the next model.


The GAS-TESS is designed as a minimum 6-10MWh device to burn biogas and store the energy for recovery as electricity and heat for waste management utilities and entities requiring efficient gas management.

The first unit was commissioned at the SA Water Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant.


The TESS-STEAM ~ 10MWh+ is designed for industries with a very high demand for heat compared to electricity.

The high efficiency steam generator will replace gas or other energy sources.





Grid scale storage technology providing over 1,000MWh (1GWh) as part of an integrated solution for reliable renewable supply. A TESS-GRID at this scale would be able to supply many hours of dispatchable electricity with spinning reserve from its turbines and a range of frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) to support grid stability. A smaller pilot will be demonstrated and then scaled to the 1GWh+ solution. This technology will be implemented at the Aurora Project in Port Augusta, South Australia.

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