Tens of thousands of South Australian homes and businesses have been repeatedly left without power because of the unique ecosytem of the SA power market and its unstable mix of power resources.

The answer to these problems may be closer than you think. Local Adelaide company, 1414 Degrees, has found a solution to the energy crisis with plans to revolutionise bulk energy storage using silicon.

1414 Degrees is pioneering scalable bulk energy storage with its revolutionary Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS). The TESS uses abundantly available elemental silicon for storing and retrieving electrical energy enabling low cost storage of energy and a stable supply back to the grid – a critical requirement as renewable generation increases, not just in SA but globally.

Sceptics doubted that such a high temperature storage system was feasible however the prototype TESS had its first successful run on 30 September 2016. It has calculated that 7000 MWh of storage, capable of supplying 2500 MW of electricity, would end the blackouts in South Australia and provide for a reliable electricity supply with up to 90% renewable sources.

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1414 Degrees Chairman Dr Kevin Moriarty says “I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved, we’re using cutting edge technology developed right here in South Australia to provide a viable low cost solution, not just for the power problems we’re experiencing here in SA but which can be implemented worldwide.”

1414 Degrees is now is assessing industry and generation sites for its first installations of a 10 MWh and a 200 MWh TESS. Suitable sites for 1414 Degrees would be at a wind farm, or near an existing gas-fired generator. The technology will increase efficiency and revenues of a wind farm through load shifting to times of maximum demand.

For more information, or to submit your site for assessment contact info@1414degrees.com.au