South Australia Energy Storage

What is the state of play?

The State of Play for South Australia Energy Storage

In South Australia energy storage innovations have begun to disrupt the energy market. New energy storage technologies present an opportunity to provide a highly efficient, safe, scalable, and clean solution to address renewable intermittency and grid stability.

1414 Degrees (14D) is working to develop energy storage solutions that will deliver safe, secure and sustainable energy supply to meet current and future demand for heat and electric power. The 2017 article, Energy idea aims to store success as it plans beyond current prototype, provides well-rounded background to our work.

Unlike other South Australia Energy Storage solutions, 1414 Degrees (14D) is a highly efficient, clean, scalable and sustainable solution.

The thermal energy storage system (TESS) delivers an output of heat as well as electric power. Energy is sourced from renewables or the grid and is stored as latent heat at constant temperature. The energy is then dispatched on demand.

To store energy, the TESS uses molten silicon, a resource which is both abundant in the natural environment and recyclable. The Electrical Connection article, Putting The Heat On Storage, provides more information on this technology.

Executive Chairman, Kevin Moriarty, explains that 1414 Degrees is in a position to commercialise its new technology. 

“The commissioning of our thermal energy storage system (TESS) prototype established the viability of storing and retrieving electrical energy at the very high temperature of molten silicon, unlocking its unique combination of high latent energy density and efficiency. The technology clearly works and can now be extended to commercial scale.”

1414 Degrees GAS-TESS solution is currently being trialled at SA Water’s Glenelg plant. Featured in Thermal energy storage system launches in Glenelg by Energy Source and Distribution, this is an example how 1414 Degrees (14D) is working to reduce energy prices through the application of this technology, while lessening the environmental impact.

1414 Degrees (14D) technologies present an opportunity to achieve scalable, cost effective, safe and geographically unlimited opportunities for South Australia Energy Storage. We see the exponential growth opportunities and know we can impact change.

The simple reason: to make energy available, cheaper and cleaner for communities and industry.