Share Purchase Plan Offer

An opportunity to increase your holdings at this exciting stage of development

“The SPP presents an opportunity for eligible shareholders to increase their holding in 1414 Degrees at an integral stage in the Company’s development by participating in this capital raising without incurring any brokerage fees or other transaction costs. I will apply for my full entitlement through my trustee company. 

– Dr Kevin Moriarty, 1414 Degrees Executive Chairman

The SPP is now closed.

Purpose of funds raised:

1. Help to advance the Aurora Project

The funds raised during SPP will help the Company:

  • – Continue forward modelling of revenue potential
  • – Complete a full engineering design of the hybrid power plant
  • – Continue studies for its connection the transmission network and NEM

ASX Announcements

Revenue modelling outcomes 1

Revenue modelling outcomes 2

Development path timelines

2. Continue the development of 14D’s TESS

The funds raised during SPP will help the Company:

  • – Continue R&D at a larger grid scale
  • – Work towards implementing TESS-GRID on the Aurora Project site
  • – Increase the electrical efficiency and competitiveness of 14D’s TESS

ASX Announcements:

Efficiency boost for Thermal Energy Store

GAS-TESS update


What 14D has learnt and moving forward

“There have been a lot of challenges that we have encountered but we have overcome them along the way… but addressing these challenges has led to a breakthrough technology which is more scalable, will be lower cost and more efficient as well”

– Dr Jordan Parham, CEO of 1414 Degrees

How can Aurora generate revenue for 14D?

“The Aurora Project aims to bring continuous and sustainable revenues to the company so that we can continue our development with 14D TESS technology…We are confident the Aurora Project can be commissioned in Winter 2022 and exporting the following summer.”

– Marie Pavlik, CEO of SiliconAurora

How can TESS lead to 100% renewables?

“1414 Degrees technology has the potential to facilitate the energy transition from where we are now to 100% renewables… With our new Thermal Energy Store design, we are confident that over 90% of the input energy can be delivered to the Energy Recovery System as heat.”

– Dr Mahesh Venkataram, Technology Manager