Our technology

1414 Degrees’ energy storage technology can deliver clean heat and power for a more sustainable planet. 

Our silicon-based thermal energy storage technology – SiBrick® – safely and efficiently stores renewable electricity as latent heat. 

This brick is the centre-piece of our innovation and we’re commercialising a number of products. 


Our Products


SiBox is a complete thermal energy storage system – designed to be retrofitted to heavy industry processes to provide clean, high-temperature heat.  

SiBox is a viable replacement for fossil fuels and can provide industry with reliable, decarbonised, ultra-high-temperature heat 24/7. 


SiBrick – our silicon-based thermal energy storage media – safely and efficiently stores electricity as latent heat. 

This proprietary technology – proven in our demonstration module – is the centre piece of all our commercial opportunities. It can also be a commercially saleable product in its own right. 


SiPHyR will produce low-emissions, affordable hydrogen.

We are integrating our SiBrick technology with a new fluid reactor technology – developed and patented by the University of Adelaide.

The technology will transform methane into hydrogen and a solid carbon product, that can be used in many industries. 

Why does industry need our SiBrick? 

About 45% of the world’s energy-related emissions come from heat and Australian industry alone spends $8 billion annually on process heat.

High temperature industrial heat has no commercial options to stop the use of fossil fuels – but global climate ambitions demand a solution.

1414 Degrees’ technology is an advanced storage technology able to replace fossil fuels at high temperatures. This technology will make energy more reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly by harnessing silicon to provide very high temperature storage and regeneration.