1414 Degrees Limited is pleased to announce that the commissioning of the first TESS-IND has now been verified by Bureau Veritas Asset Integrity and Reliability Services Pty Ltd (‘Bureau Veritas’).
Bureau Veritas reviewed the TESS-IND system operations, measurement points, instrumentation type and collation of data. Bureau Veritas were on site during test runs of 8 and 3 hours, during which the heat store powered the turbine to generate average electricity outputs of 104kW and 148kW. The maximum verified temperature of the heat store was 1418 degrees for the Phase Change Material (‘PCM’). The electric heaters were switched off during the runs so the turbine operated only from stored heat . Only electric energy output was measured, heat output was not measured.
Click here to view the summary page of the Bureau Veritas report. The full report will not be disclosed to protect the intellectual property of 1414 Degrees technology.
The heat store section of the TESS-IND and the turbine have now been relocated to SA Water’s Glenelg Wastewater Treatment plant for the first commercial test of the GAS-TESS, charging from waste methane gas instead of electricity.
Energy News Bulletin recently highlighted this important 1414 Degrees (14D) project. Read the article Adelaide heat energy newcomer 1414 Degrees received Bureau Veritas cert for more information.