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Energy is a resource that should be available to all, at all times. 1414 Degrees strives to make this a reality.

Our energy storage technology presents an opportunity to disrupt the energy market by providing a highly efficient, safe, scalable, and clean solution. The use of readily available silicon ensures its sustainability and its affordability.

We see the exponential growth opportunities and know we can impact change.

The simple reason: to make energy available, cheaper and cleaner.

What is 1414 Degrees


a patented thermal energy storage system (TESS) storing energy as latent heat in molten silicon


sizing of systems from 10 to 100’s of megawatt hours for grid, off-grid and co-generation sites


low maintenance, low cost and low impact compared to lithium-ion batteries


energy is stored as latent heat at 1414°C providing maximum efficiency of energy output


the use of abundantly available silicon ensures its sustainability and its affordability


low environmental impact with no emissions and no combustion

Grid and off-grid

each system can store several hundred megawatt hours suitable for grid, off-grid and co-generation installations


wide range of uses in district heating, industrial complexes and shopping centres as well as grids

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