1414 Degrees is commercialising unique large scale energy storage technology, to fill the critical gap for low cost, environmentally friendly energy storage.

Our patented Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) takes electricity from any source, the grid or renewables, and stores as latent heat in molten silicon at 1414° Celsius.

Latent heat is energy that is held in a phase change material when it becomes molten. Silicon’s very high melting point, 1414° Celsius, and high energy density means it can hold much more energy than other phase change materials. It delivers maximum energy efficiency.

The energy from the latent heat is passed through an energy recovery system and a turbine to dispatch heat and electricity when required. It transforms intermittent renewable electricity by providing reliability and stability identical to that of a coal or gas fired power station.

The system is built to last at least 20-30 years and works at its optimal capacity when constantly active. It is designed for minimal maintenance and is environmentally benign.

The result is low cost and clean storage of energy providing a stable supply for heat consumers and to the grid – a critical requirement as renewable generation increases.

A commercial TESS storage module, built at our workshop in South Australia. 

How 1414 Degrees fits into energy generation and usage.


What is 1414 Degrees?


a patented thermal energy storage system (TESS) storing energy as latent heat in molten silicon 



sizing of systems from 10 to 1000’s of megawatt hours for grid, off-grid and co-generation sites 


 benign environmental impact and carbon footprint reduction


 low maintenance, low cost and low impact compared to lithium-ion batteries



Silicon stores energy at 1414°C providing maximum efficiency of energy output


 the use of abundantly available silicon ensures its sustainability and its affordability 


Geographically unlimited

TESS can be located in any climate, in any location. It is suitable for grid, off-grid and co-generation installations


 wide range of uses in district heating, industrial complexes and shopping centres as well as grids


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