Why are we innovating?

Realise potential by making energy available, cheaper and cleaner.

Energy is a resource that should be available to all, at all times. 1414 Degrees strives to make this a reality. 

People, industries and governments should be able to depend on energy supply and security, knowing it will always be there. With this confidence, the global community can realise the potential of innovation, progress and growth.

Our energy storage technology presents an opportunity to disrupt the energy market by providing a highly efficient, safe, scalable, and clean solution to address renewable intermittency and grid stability. 

The use of readily available silicon ensures its sustainability and its affordability. 

We see the exponential growth opportunities and know we can impact change. 

The simple reason: Realise potential by making energy available, cheaper and cleaner. 

Filling a gap in scalable, cost effective, safe,
geographically unlimited technology.




1414 Degrees (ASX:14D) makes large scale energy storage for networks and industries. Its combined heat and power (CHP) solutions fill a critical gap in energy storage that batteries and other devices cannot service.

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