Why we exist

Access to energy should be as simple as flicking a switch. Our goal is to make clean, adorable energy available to all, at all times.

1414 Degrees’ solutions can lower costs and stablise renewable supply for industry and electricity grids to benefit all consumers.

Distributed within grids with high renewable penetration, 1414 Degrees’ solutions will stabilise networks while providing lower-cost energy for industry. At large scale, it will assist in transitioning traditional coal and gas plants into hybrid power plants.

As the TESS grid storage capacity and power output increase it will progressively put downward pressure on energy prices by passing on the benefits of reductions in the marginal operating cost of renewable generation.

Ultimately, this integration of our technology will allow us to fulfil our goal of making clean, affordable energy available to all, at all times.





1414 Degrees (ASX:14D) makes large scale energy storage for networks and industries. Its combined heat and power (CHP) solutions fill a critical gap in energy storage.