Global interest increases

1414 Degrees Limited (ASX:14D) is pleased to announce that attending a recent conference in the United States has led to increased interest from global markets. Our origins are in Australia a decade ago and our technology has long term, global relevance as renewable...

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1414 Degrees lists on the ASX

1414 Degrees Ltd (ASX:14D) is today listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) after raising $27 million and gaining more than 2,100 shareholders since it became a public company less than 21 months ago. The latest raising of $16.3 million was at 35 cents....

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10MWh Progress Update: September 2018

The first stages of commissioning of the TESS-IND have progressed very well, including successful runs for several hours. Commissioning is a multi-stage process from verifying individual components to operability of the control systems to optimising power generation....

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ASX Listing, September 12

1414 Degrees (ASX:14D) will commence trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) at 11am (AEST) on September 12, 2018. Options (ASX:14DO) will commence trading on the same date and time.  

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ASX listing update: only 4 to go

Following the successful raising of $16.3 million as part of its IPO, 1414 Degrees is now in the process of formally listing the Company on the Australian Securities Exchange. In anticipation of some seed shareholders not being available to sign Restriction Agreements...

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Progress update: TESS powers turbine

The first stage of the commissioning of the TESS has been a resounding success. Our engineers successfully ran the turbine, generating electricity for the first time using hot air from the TESS, a significant milestone. We managed to achieve approximately 30% of the...

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Progress Update: August 2018

Great progress has been made recently, with the electrical installation of the TESS-IND now complete. As the commissioning process continues, we have been applying energy to the heat store, to achieve the highly anticipated target temperature by next weeks end. It is...

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Quarterly Update: July 2018

CHAIRMAN’S REVIEW It has been a very busy quarter for 1414 Degrees with the launch of the IPO, broker roadshows and investor presentations across Eastern Australia, and significant engineering advances. All components required to complete and commission the 10MWh...

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8th February 2019

Australian Financial Review SA Water trials 1414 Degrees’ black box in search for cleaner, cheaper energy


23rd January 2019

Australian Engineering OnLine – World-leading energy storage pilot breaks ground at Glenelg

15th January 2019
14th December 2018

The Advertiser 1414 Degrees will start the first commercial pilot of its energy storage technology in March

14th December 2018

Energy Storage News 1414 Degrees kicks off molten silicon storage project in Australia

14th December 2018

Energy Magazine SA’s Thermal Energy Storage System one step closer

12th December 2018

Australian Energy Storage Alliance World-leading energy storage pilot breaks ground at Glenelg

12th December 2018

12th December 2018

EcoGeneration Energy storage from biogas one-step closer

12th December 2018

Sustainability Matters Energy storage system to be piloted as SA Water

12th December 2018

Energy Source & Distribution Energy storage pilot breaks ground at Glenelg

29th September 2018

The Constant InvestorEnergy storage through molten silicon: 1414 Degrees

12th September 2018

Australian Financial Review Silicon storage firm 1414 Degrees slides on ASX debut

11th September 2018

The Lead South Australia Energy storage company lists on Australian Stock Exchange

Spring 2018

Electrical Connection Putting the heat on storage

24th June 2018

Australian Financial Review 1414 Degrees IPO back on track after ASIC delays

12th June 2018

Australian Financial Review Silicon storage group 1414 Degrees’ focus on heat placates ASIC

16th May 2018

Electrical Comms Data Online  Energy storage beyond batteries

8th May 2018

Industry Update Manufacturing Magazine Energy storage solution beats out Lithium

4th May 2018

Australian Financial Review Silicon battery firm 1414 Degrees float to reward patient founders

2nd May 2018

Energy Magazine SA energy storage company lodges IPO

1st May 2018

Energy News Bulletin1414 Degrees issues prospectus, tips hot IPO

1st May 2018

Renew Economy 1414 Degrees float heats up national energy market

18th April 2018

Australian Financial Review Silicon Battery firm 1414 Degrees ups IPO to $40m-$50m

17th April 2018

One Step Off The Grid Australian poultry farmer taps homegrown silicon energy storage

16th April 2018

Sustainability Matters Silicon thermal storage supporting renewables in the grid

14th April 2018

Australian Financial Review Silicon battery group in $30m IPO to power Pepe’s Ducks

29th March 2018

Energy News Bulletin – 1414 Degrees offering another storage solution

21st March 2018

Ecogeneration – The rise of silicon thermal

20th February 2018

5AA  Alan Hickey interviewed Kevin Moriarty about the SA Water project implementation.

12th February 2018

Climate Control News – South Australia gets serious about thermal energy

22nd December 2017

SA Water – Poo puts downward pressure on power costs

19th December 2017

Climate Control News – Thermal energy storage technology gets commercial support

22nd November 2017

The Lead South Australia – Production heats up for renewable energy storage company

22nd September 2017

Australian Financial Review – Silicon battery firm 1414 Degrees defers IPO to build 400MWh units

13th September 2017

The Lead South Australia – Storm stirs renewable energy investment in South Australia

7th August 2017

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – $5 million to push Australian innovations towards commercial reality

26th June 2017

The Lead South Australia – Silicon energy storage technology scales up for commercial production

5th April 2017

EcoGeneration  Storage debate heats up, but will it reach 1414 Degrees?

20th March 2017

Ten Eyewitness News Power Solutions

13th March 2017

Australian Financial Review – Silicon Battery Firm 1414 Degrees Ignores Tesla, Snowy Hydro blitz for IPO

2nd March 2017

Australian Financial Review –Silicon battery firm 1414 Degrees shuns patents to keep trade secrets

20th February 2017

ABC News The role of emerging technologies in energy market

15th February 2017

2UE, Talking Technology – Storage is part of the solution to our energy security woes, not coal

13th February 2017

Australian Financial Review – First renewable energy accelerator launches in NSW

10th February 2017

Australian Financial Review – Silicon will blow lithium batteries out of the water says Adelaide firm



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