Globally, there is a higher demand for heat energy than electrical energy. 

Global thermal heat requirements are often underappreciated in the energy landscape, even though they comprise about 50% of energy needs – two to three times more than electrical. According to the EU Commission, 50% of the EU’s annual energy consumption is for thermal energy.

From district heating to high temperature processing of cement, alumina, and steel; paper manufacture to traditional power plants; beer brewing to textile production every process uses energy to make heat. Generation of heat can account for up to 92% of the total energy requirements for industry, services and households.

In industrial processes alone Australia uses over 53 GWh of natural gas per annum, much of which is used to produce heat.

SiBox is a unique solution for industry, which requires more heat (typically 60-100%) than electricity. Our technology can generate both electricity and heat from a single energy source to supply combined heat and power (CHP) solutions. The SiBox is designed for flexibility in energy output ratios to match customer requirements and not only deliver stable electricity supply but also heat to provide hot water, steam, air or hot oil for the energy industry.

As heat is required year-round for industrial and commercial uses, there is great potential to expand the global reach of heat networks. 1414 Degrees has a role to play in supplying these markets.